Streamlining Your Business With EPOS & AIDC Systems

The world of business is changing. From small independent shops to international franchises, growth and evolution is necessary to keep up with the competition, increase efficiency and boost sales and profitability.

Therefore, it will come as no surprise to business owners to hear that modern technologies and integrated systems are swiftly becoming a crucial part of all retail and commercial sectors. While many traditionalists were once hesitant to adopt new, seemingly complex, digital technology, it has repeatedly proved itself to be a helpful and revolutionary addition to modern trade.

Here at IOResource, we embrace modernity and are entirely aware of the value that retail technology can bring to a business. However, if you’re considering upgrading your system or incorporating handy tech into your store, it is only right that you would search for a little guidance.

Read on to discover how EPOS and AIDC technology can streamline your business.

What Is EPOS?

Of course, before we dive into the multitude of benefits associated with the introduction of EPOS and AIDC systems, it is important to establish a clearer understanding of these terms and the technology they refer to.

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) refers to a modernised till system that marries hardware and software to improve efficiency.  EPOS systems are an incredible means of streamlining your business’s operations, providing a complete overview of transactions and enabling a more insightful analysis of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly takings.

As mentioned above, EPOS systems are usually a combination of hardware and software, consisting of a central device, peripheral additions and the specific software used to manage your data and handle business operations.

The Benefits of EPOS

As you’ve probably gathered, Electronic Point of Sale technology is the perfect way to make your business more efficient. The world of modern business requires vendors to have both online and in-store shopping capabilities; EPOS systems are a means of seamlessly connecting the two.

For businesses large and small, EPOS integration is hugely beneficial. It can speed up accountancy, stock management and sales processes while collating data and generating reports relating to sales and products. It is also incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to train staff and introduce revolutionary hardware into your business.

What Is AIDC?

This brings us to AIDC, or Automatic Identification and Data Capture. Though this might sound complex, it is a broad term used to describe technology that is designed to collect or interpret information from an object, code, sound or image without the need for manual data input.

Nowadays, barcodes, QR, Biometrics and Contactless technology are commonplace in businesses all over the world. From large supermarkets and chains to high-street coffee shops and independent retailers, AIDC technologies play an important role in our everyday lives. So, how can they benefit your business?

Benefits Of AIDC Technology

As an integral part of modern commerce and stock management, AIDC systems deliver a multitude of benefits to business owners. From barcode scanners for checkout use to high-performance wearable technology to maximise efficiency, AIDC is a must for all businesses looking to streamline their operations.

The benefits of this technology are plentiful, so we’ve outlined a handful of main advantages below:

  • Cost-Efficient
  • Error Reduction
  • Time-Saving
  • Improved Stock Management
  • Unparalleled Accuracy & Data Entry

Take, for example, the Denso SP1 Scanner. This incredible AIDC device is designed to significantly improve productivity and workflow and is capable of reading up to 700 tags per second. This scanner’s ability to read RF tags within a 200 square-metre radius is sure to revolutionise any business’s stock-taking and inventory management capabilities.

When it comes to implementing AIDC or EPOS technology, it is reliant on the communication between digital software and hardware. For this reason, ensuring you are equipped with the correct devices is essential.

Below, we’ll highlight some of the incredible hardware available to businesses, outlining its usefulness and application.

POS Hardware

First up, POS Hardware. As we covered earlier in this article, EPOS systems rely on both hardware and software to function. This Point of Sale hardware includes, but is not limited to, terminals, tablets, PC boxes and checkout systems.

Here at IOResource, we’re proud suppliers of a range of POS technology from a number of top manufacturers. Our selection of industry-leading devices make life easier for businesses across the country.

From all-in-one systems to stand-alone terminals and POS boxes, we’ve got everything you need to streamline your business and flawlessly integrate EPOS.


It is worth noting that the hardware available is by no means limited to POS terminals; there are a varied selection of additional devices designed to be used in tandem with EPOS systems, much of which incorporates AIDC technology.

From cash registers and barcode scanners to monitors, second screens and table scanners, peripheral technology is designed to improve and advance your central system. Peripherals such as additional customer display screens and scanners are the perfect way to improve customer experience and efficiency, allowing clearer communication, faster scanning and shortened queue times. What’s not to love?

We’re pleased to supply a varied selection of peripheral devices, designed to be seamlessly integrated into your store. Of course, knowing which to choose can be tricky, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

Self-Service Systems

Moreover, as technology evolves and automated systems become more and more common within shops and stores, self-service is being adopted by businesses of all kinds. From fast-food chains to supermarkets, self-scan checkouts and order kiosks are slowly becoming the norm.

These systems are designed to make life easier for customers and staff alike, reducing wait times and taking care of monotonous tasks while employees focus on more important duties. What’s more, self-service systems and order kiosks are able to collate information and data regarding shopping habits and user interaction. This can then be utilised to improve user experience in future and boost sales.

A perfect example of such technology is the NCR Fastlane SelfServ Checkout R6; this style of machine is used across the world to streamline retail operations and reduce in-store traffic. Complete with weighing scales, the ability to read all 1D, 2D and mobile barcodes and coin, note and card reading technology, this self-checkout machine really can do it all.

For fast food chains and restaurants, a kiosk such as the Aures Komet may be better suited. This multifunctional piece of technology is designed to take orders, process payments and manage queues. What’s more, the Aures Komet is available in wall-mounted or freestanding models, so you’re sure to find the perfect device for your establishment.

The above are just two of the many incredible self-service systems available to work in tandem with EPOS and AIDC technology.

IOResource: POS Technology, Peripherals & More

If you own or manage a business, retail outlet, restaurant or shop, there are a multitude of reasons to invest in EPOS and AIDC technology. Not only will it assist with the streamlining of your operations, reducing wait times and simplifying inventory tasks, but it will also help to boost sales and improve productivity.

Looking to upgrade your existing systems or make the leap to modernised EPOS and AIDC technologies? Look no further than IOResource. With over 20 years of experience, we are proud of our reputation for excellence and our position as Ireland’s leading value-added distributor of EPOS and AIDC products and solutions.

To discuss your requirements and discover how we can help you to upgrade your business, contact us today.

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