Questions to Ask When Choosing an EPoS System

A successful business must always have a strong system in place in order for it to run efficiently. So when it comes to choosing an EPoS system, it’s important that the one you purchase meets the needs of your business exactly. Because it’s such a big decision, there are certain questions that business owners should ask first to ensure that the EPoS system they choose will serve their business well.

Will you be using the EPoS system long-term?

It’s good to look ahead as a business owner, but you also don’t want to chart a business plan that will become redundant. You need an EPoS system that will grow with your enterprise, but that’s versatile enough to cope with change. Choosing the wrong system means you might have to change it down the line, thus costing you more money.

Is support available?

When buying a new piece of essential technology, the last thing you want is to be left hanging when you have a business to run. For this reason, you should choose an EPoS system that offers training and technical support. You should also be able to contact the support department with ease.

Does it enable better customer service?

For a lot of businesses, the point of sale is becoming a point of service – somewhere to maximise sales and provide customers with an excellent shopping experience. In order to do this, sales assistants need to be provided with the right information, including a detailed description of the product to help answer any customer queries, plus images, associated products and any opportunities for upselling. It’s important to ask what information appears at the point of sale, and if there are tools available to boost upselling.

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