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Posiflex HS-3512W 12″ All-In-One PoS Terminal

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Product Description

Posiflex HS-3512W 12″ All-In-One EPoS Terminal.
The HS3512W is a Posiflex retail terminal specifically created for applications in both the retail and hospitality segments. Designed to maximise the amount of counterspace available the HS-3512W incorporates the PoS terminal and printer in a neat, compact footprint. HS-3512W is the next generation of HS product from Posiflex and is based on the original HS-2208 design. HS-3512W uses a modular design that allows easy replacement of the built in printer.
The HS-3512W can be deployed into a broad cross section of retail veriticals and replaces traditional cash registers with more current technology. HS-3512W is retail-ready, this compact 12″ all-in-one touch screen EPOS terminal is a cost effective solution for business owners, ensuring quality, performance and excellent return on investment as part of an overall point-of-sale solution.
Posiflex designs its retail technology with the goal of optimising the most up to date technology in order to deliver cost effective, value for money PoS systems and peripherals that deliver the reliability and return on investment that retailers need to run their business.