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Posbank Mazic 15″

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Product Description

Introducing the all-new high-end POS MAZIC that entirely refined point of sale system.
The MAZIC adapts simplified and modernized design with a 15.6” wide touchscreen.
MAZIC™ GW-1560 will elevate the style of the place where it is installed.

The true-flat bezel-free touch display of the MAZIC™ GW-1560 is designed for enhanced performance, durability, and usability. On its PCAP touch display, the MAZIC™ GW-1560 delivers intuitive and familiar experiences similar to tablets providing less training time for staff. Industrial-grade LED panel offers bright and crisp images, extended product life, and energy efficiency.

The MAZIC™ GW-1560 is compact yet powerful in performance. Powered by Intel®’s latest high-performance processors, the MAZIC™ GW-1560 delivers powerful performance and reliable operation enough to run today’s demanding POS applications. It can serve customers faster at increased speed with efficiency while improving the customer checkout experience.

MAZIC applied 7H Hardness Glass with P-Cap Touch which will provide maximized touchscreen durability. Jam-packed Aluminum Die-casting Heavy-duty Cabinet ensures system reliability from unexpected external impacts. In addition, MAZIC provides best-in-class brightness on screen 400 cd/㎡ luminance.

MAZIC’s impressive feature is the swappable system box. It offers easy system upgrade and maintenance. MAZIC can be upgraded or repaired immediately by replacing the system box. Through the MAZIC’s Unique System box, users can save unnecessary purchase cost to upgrade, or time and logistics cost.

MAZIC’s signature design is Dual Hinge which enables MAZIC to fold it as flat. MAZIC’s innovative dual hinge structure makes suitable usage for everyone to work with by easily adjusting the height and viewing angle of the system while the modern design and outstanding presence go well with any retail and hospitality settings. In addition, MAZIC’s minimized packaging size offers reduced logistics and storage costs.

Our engineers designed an extraordinary heat management system on MAZIC to maximize heat management efficiency and reduce product size. The heat pipe instantly absorbs heat from the system box, and the transferred heat is managed through a copper heat pipe and an aluminum rear cabinet with high thermal conductivity. Thanks to the outstanding heat management system of MAZIC, the fan is superfluous. MAZIC has accomplished a fanless system without any performance degradation even in harsh operating conditions.