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Posbank DCR x86 All-in-one POS Terminal

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Product Description

The DCR x86 is a new breed of POS terminal with a groundbreaking all-in-one design and powerful performance combined. With an 8″ wide or 10″ touchscreen, a customer display, a fast receipt printer, and a card reader all integrated into a single terminal, there is no need to consider what to have around it. The DCR x86 is the perfect solution for business owners in pursuit of maximum return on minimum investment.

With smaller footprint, only less than a piece of paper, the DCR x86 allows staff to deploy it on the counter without worry of a space. The supercompact DCR x86 offers larger space on the checkout counter for staff to display and sell additional items that can enhance the bottom line.

A leading provider of POS systems for more than 20 years, Posbank has longstanding expertise in the retail, restaurant and hospitlaity markets. Posbank offers a series of completely integrated pos systems to meet the specific needs of a variety of market sectors and continually endeavour to develop and produce POS hardware products of the highest quality resulting in cutting edge technology for the ever changing global market.