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NCR SelfServ 90 Cashless Self Service Check Out

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Product Description

The NCR SelfServ 90 is a card-only self-service checkout solution that features a small footprint which makes it an ideal solution for just about any retail format. This compact checkout can augment your existing retail technology estate. SS90’s size and flexible mounting options offer you the versatility to install it just about anywhere as the SS90 is available with a free-standing pedestal, can be secured to a countertop, and also has a wall mount option. Self-Checkout solutions are a key part of the global NCR product portfolio.

As is the case with all NCR retail technology, NCR SelfServ 90 card only SSCO is retail hardened – in other words, it is tested in approved laboratories to ensure that it is suitable for the rigors commonly encountered in retail environments. Self Service Check-Out reduces overhead at the point of service, enhances customer service and allows the retailer to focus resources on improving service across the business.

NCR retail technology is designed with a view to delivering unbeatable Return on Investment, with a minimum 5-year product life cycle and 5 years spare parts availability after the product is end of life (EOL).