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NCR RealScan 7874 Bi-Optic Scanner-Scale

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Product Description

NCR 7874 Midsize Bi-Optic Scanner-Scale.
The NCR RealScan 7874 series Low-Profile Bi-Optic Scanner-Scale is designed to provide best-in-class performance, usability and flexibility for retailers. With its compact, low-profile footprint, this scanner/scale is ideal for space-constrained checkouts and seated cashier environments. The standard version of the 7874 uses laser scanner technology to read 1D barcodes at hi-speed. However, due to the advanced engineering design developed by NCR, the RealScan 7874 can also be deployed with a customer or operator facing 2D barcode reader which can be used to scan 2D codes for coupons, vouchers, customer loyalty or any other application that utilises QR Code, Data Matrix or other 2D barcodes.
As is the case with all NCR retail hardware, RealScan 7874 is retail hardened – in other words it is tested in approved laboratories to ensure that it is suitable for the rigors commonly encountered in retail environments. Many other PoS products are not subjected to the same testing, so they are not as reliable as NCR PoS Hardware and frequently fail at an early stage of their life cycle.
NCR retail technology is designed with a view to delivering unbeatable Return on Investment, with a minimum 5 year product life cycle and 5 years spare parts availability after the product is end of life (EOL).