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NCR 7779 Tablet

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Product Description

“Backed by powerful and reliable Intel® technology, the NCR Tablet is a hybrid POS terminal/mobile device that gives you the flexibility you need to serve your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. The NCR Tablets can be used in a variety of ways, including line busting,
tableside ordering and even video training for your staff and managers. Customers expect convenience and speed. Use of tableside
ordering and payment systems have been shown to increase average check size and to raise average server tips. The NCR Tablet helps you serve your customers more quickly, improve your order accuracy and reduce employee training requirements. To speed things up even faster in a Quick Service environment, the NCR Tablet makes line busting simple and easy. NCR retail technology is designed with a view to delivering unbeatable Return on Investment, with a minimum 5 year product life cycle and 5 years spare parts availability after the product is end of life (EOL).