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Honeywell Voyager 1400G Barcode Scanner

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Honeywell Voyager 1400G Barcode Scanner
2D bar codes are becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries for a number of reasons. Some enterprises have a desire to capture large amounts of data, despite space constraints, while others are being required to read 2D bar codes due to government regulations or supplier mandates. And an even larger group of enterprises simply have the desire to leverage emerging trends that require area-imaging technology, today or in the future, without needing to purchase additional scanning hardware.
The Honeywell/Metrologic 1400 barcode scanner can scan 1D and 2D barcodes and is available with USB, RS232 or KBW interface. Honeywell Voyager 1400g area-imaging scanner is a smart investment
Honeywell handheld & hands- free barcode scanners provide intuitive scanning of the barcodes found in real-world environments from omnidirectional scanning to 1D and 2D scanning and even poor quality and damaged barcodes. From retail-ready high scan intensity scanners to rugged, rubberized scanners for warehouses and distribution centers, Honeywell manufacture scanning solutions with specific challenges and work environments in mind.