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Denso SE1 Compact 1D Barcode Scanner, Bluetooth

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Product Description

DENSO SE1 Compact 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner.
The SE1 is a DENSO barcode scanner that makes data entry to smart devices easier, quicker and more accurate. Featuring an automatic connection to all detected Bluetooth devices, SE1 connectivity to Smartphones, Tablets and other bluetooth devices is quick, simple and seemless. This scanner is the 1D version (BB model) which can be operated for up to 100 hours on 1 set of batteries, reducing operating costs and downtime.
DENSO SE1 can connect to any Windows, Android or iOS device.
DENSO products are designed and produced to a very high standard in order to ensure that the product meets the customers expectations including but not exclusively performance, usabilty, reliability and life cycle.DENSO is part of the Toyota Group and as such prides itself on supplying products that meet the exacting standards set by Toyota across its businesses. Driven by Quality DENSO terminals and scanners are synonymous with maximum quality in technology, performance and functionality.