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Denso QK30 Stationary 2D Barcode Reader

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Product Description

DENSO QK30 2D Barcode Reader.
The QK-30 series are DENSO 2D readers that offer a unique form factor for scanning 2D barcodes, particularly from Smartphones. Applications for QK30 are wide and varied including point of sale systems via multimedia terminal connection thru access control and monitoring systems.
The design of the QK30 is such that potential users & clients are drawn to the device. DENSO QK30 performance in scanning is particularly strong in sales promotion via mobile coupons, mobile customer cards, and mobile tickets. QK30 is ideal for scanning barcodes on mobile phones but can also be used for scanning standard EAN or other type barcodes. QK30 is available with a selection of coloured silicon boots which offer additional protection for the device as well as alternative colour options.
DENSO products are designed and produced to a very high standard in order to ensure that the product meets the customers expectations including but not exclusively performance, usabilty, reliability and life cycle. DENSO is part of the Toyota Group and as such prides itself on supplying products that meet the exacting standards set by Toyota across its businesses. Driven by Quality DENSO terminals and scanners are synonymous with maximum quality in technology, performance and functionality.