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Denso BHT1600 Handheld Terminal with Android 6.0

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“Denso BHT1600 Handheld Terminal with Android 6.0. The BHT-1600 series features an easy-to-grip shape enabling a comfortable fi t in the user’s pocket. With an easy-to-press software trigger key that can be placed anywhere onscreen, everyone can enjoy a comfortable operation. The touch screen is designed for handheld operations even when wearing cotton work gloves*5 improves and helps operability in field operations. In particular, with the protector cover, which was designed for use under harsh conditions in the field of logistics, features a hand strap for their own stable use. Delivery and travel conditions in logistics field operations can be checked in real time at headquarters, using Android functions such as LTE
communication and GPS function. DENSO products are designed and produced to a very high standard in order to ensure that the product meets the customers expectations including but not exclusively performance, usabilty, reliability and life cycle.DENSO is part of the Toyota Group and as such prides itself on supplying products that meet the exacting standards set by Toyota across its businesses Driven by Quality DENSO terminals and scanners are synonymous with maximum quality in technology, performance and functionality.