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DENSO BHT1500 BHT-OS Handheld Terminal

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“DENSO BHT1500 BHT-OS Handheld Terminal.
The BHT-1500 BHT-OS series is a DENSO Handheld Terminal that has a light, compact and easy to carry body weighing just 128 grams. The ergonomically designed terminal sits comfortably in your hand. The design of the keypad layout enables single handed use. BHT-1500 is resistant to drops from 2.0 meters.
The DENSO BHT-1500 has a wide range of features commonly associated with mobile computers including 1D barcode scanner, bluetooth and a very generous 3 Year Warranty
DENSO products are designed and produced to a very high standard in order to ensure that the product meets the customers expectations including but not exclusively performance, usabilty, reliability and life cycle.DENSO is part of the Toyota Group and as such prides itself on supplying products that meet the exacting standards set by Toyota across its businesses Driven by Quality DENSO terminals and scanners are synonymous with maximum quality in technology, performance and functionality.