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Aures Yuno Series PoS 15″ Touch Screen Terminal

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Product Description

“Aures Yuno 15″” PoS Touch Screen Terminal.
Yuno is an Aures PoS Terminal that features the well established Aures creative look that makes the Aures product portfolio stand out from the competition. Yuno is fanless, yet compact and high performance offering a choice of Broadwell i3 or Baytrail J1900 Quad Core processor. Other than the standard 15″” 4:3 aspect ratio the Yuno is also available in a 15″” 16:9 wide aspect ratio providing options to suit the footprint of that retail environment. The shock and scratch proof, multi-touch, projected capacitive touch-screen allows peace of mind in deploying the Yuno into some of the more challenging retail environments.
As is the case with all Aures Retail Terminals, Yuno is designed by the Aures design teram whose proven track record for designing innovative and outstanding retail technology is without equal. Aures EPoS terminals have changed the coversation when it comes to the look and feel of the customer facing technology in-store.
Aures retail technology is renowned for its outstanding deisgn and ergonomics. The Aures “”look”” has been developed by the Aures design team with a view to complementing the retailers corporate identity, branding and image with the store decore, so enhancing the shoppers retail experience aligning the look and feel of their retail technology with the retailers marketing strategy.