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Aures PS-50II Hand Held Barcode Scanner

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Product Description

Aures PS-50II Barcode Scanner.
PS-50II is an Aures barcode scanner that uses laser technology combined with a stand mount option to deliver excellent performance and flexibility at the PoS. PS-50II can be picked up and used as a handheld device or can be used in the stand where the device is activated automatically, allowing the user to scan barcodes in handsfree mode.
As is the case with all Aures Retail Technology, PS-50II is approved by the Aures design team whose proven track record for designing innovative and outstanding retail technology is without equal. Aures EPoS Terminals have changed the conversation when it comes to the look and feel of the customer facing technology in-store.
Aures retail technology is renowned for its outstanding design and ergonomics. The Aures “look” has been developed by the Aures design team with a view to complimenting the retailers corporate identity, branding and image within the store decore, so enhancing the shoppers retail experience aligning their retail technology with the retailers marketing strategy.