Explore our Wide Range of Self Service Kiosks

If you’re looking for a self checkout system, then look no further than iOResource! Self-checkouts are now becoming more prevalent in many different industries such as; supermarkets, fast-food restaurants and cinemas. There are countless benefits when it comes self service kiosks – not only does it enhance the customer experience by reducing the queues, but it also means that you don’t have to employ as much staff to operate the tills! If your customers are able to purchase their goods in a quick and efficient manner, then it’s likely that they’ll want to shop with you again.

Here at iOResource, we provide a wide range of different self checkout systems that would fit seamlessly into different stores. For instance, the NSR Fastlane SelfServ Checkout might be more suitable for the supermarket industry, whereas the NCR SelfServ 85 Kiosk might be perfect for your fast-food restaurant. Not only that, but our customers are able to select the right processor, memory, storage and operating system – meaning that you’re getting the best self service machine for your business. See the full range of self-service kiosks that we offer below!

How Do Self Service Kiosks Work?

Now that we have addressed how self service machines are changing the way people are shopping, you might be wondering how they actually work. Firstly, the self service kiosk greets the customer with a touchscreen button. Once the greeting button is pressed, this then encourages the customer to move onto the next step. At this stage, the customer is prompted to start scanning and bagging their items. Once they have scanned and bagged their goods, payment methods will then show. Many self-service checkouts have multiple language options, meaning that customers from all walks of life are able to shop at your store!