Offering High-Quality Cash Drawers and Peripherals

Whether you’re after a cash register drawer or a barcode scanner, iOResource could be the perfect company for you. We know how important it is for you to manage cash in your business, which is why provide peripheral devices that you can rely and depend on.


So why should your business invest in a cash till drawer? One of the main benefits is that it provides a safeguard for the onsite cash. Without a password or keycard, you are unable to actually access the contents of the till. In industries such as restaurants and stores where the till might be left unattended, you need to ensure you have maximum safety. Implementing cash drawers into your business will reduce the risk of theft, meaning you can concentrate on other areas of the business! The last thing you want is cash being stolen from your store, and that’s where iOResource’s range of peripheral devices can help. Offering a range of peripheral devices that differ in processors, colour and screen size, we’re confident we have the right device for you.