E-Pad Ink VP9805 Signature Pad

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Product Description

E-Pad Ink  VP9805 Signature Pad

The E- Pad ink has  an LCD screen that lights up when an esignature is applied or affirmation text displayed, the interactive visual feedback provides an enhanced user experience.

Ergonomic, portable, and bundled with IntegriSign® Desktop for esigning Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat documents, ePad-ink is a best-in-class esignature solution for any environment.

ePadLink are specialists in the field of electronic signature capture, with their entire company dedicated to manufacturing and improving the ePad range of electronic signature pads. Each of their pads is well suited to a particular role, from the ePad’s small size and lightweight design making it perfect to be slipped into a laptop case, through to the ePad Vision, and it’s capacity to display full colour images when not in use, or even display text, or be used to query the signer.


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