Evolis Tattoo ReWrite Card Printer

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Evolis Tattoo ReWrite Card Printer

Tattoo RW is the ultimate solution for your temporary badges and cards that require regular updates. With Tattoo RW, your cards are updated whenever needed, would they be loyalty cards with the updated number of points, membership cards with subscription details, or visitor badges with personal data.

With Tattoo RW, you can deliver instantly a new card anytime it is required! The erase/write cycle is extremely fast and you can erase, encode, and reprint new data in a matter of seconds.

Evolis designs, manufactures and markets an extended range of printing systems for customized plastic cards in order to identify people and goods. These solutions deliver personalized, encoded and secure cards, instantly and for any kind of applications. The Evolis range covers all needs for ID card personalization. Printers provide all the options needed for graphic customization (printing of photos, logos, texts, barcodes, in monochrome or color and in photographic quality) and data encoding (magnetic stripe, smart cards, with or without contact–RFID technology) for all badges and cards.


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